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An Unbiased Review of Food4Patriots

The current political and economic environment is far from stable. Every day we hear rumors of stockpiles disappearing and culpability of Federal Emergency Management Agency as well as other covert government agencies. Such rumors and the shaky political environment makes average Americans ask themselves tough questions such as when will the crisis strike, what will we eat, what will happen to our families?

We all know the aftermath of disasters; the government is always caught unaware and doesn’t have enough emergency supplies to keep up with the demands. But with Food4Patriots, you’ll be able to take matters into your own hands. Food4Patriots is an incredible survival food kit that advocates for all natural ingredients that can be stored for a some time without going bad. These ingredients are scientifically proven, and you'll be taught how you can pack and store them in a way that they won't lose their flavor and nutritional value.

What Is Food4Patriots?

Food4Patriots is promoted and sold by a survival company known as 4Patriots based in Nashville, Tennessee. According to this company, their main mission is to offer quality products to help users be more self-reliant and independent. The brand has made a great reputation and attained an excellent rating with regulatory bureaus.

The main reason this brand has become popular in the recent months is because of their versatility of their kits. While the Food4Patriots company offers emergency nutrition kits, their kits are normally used by those going for a camping trip or those going for longer hikes. Besides, each packaging contains complete and delicious meal that can be prepared in a short time.

The meals are scientifically engineered to last for quite some time. Because of this, the parcels are packaged in airtight containers, and therefore there’s no need for rapid dehydration or freezing as such preservation mechanisms are known to interfere with nutrients from food. Food4Patriots meals come in Mylar packaging; meaning that your food won’t come into contact with oxygen, light or moisture as these elements contribute to perishability. All the ingredients used to prepare Food4Patriots survival meals are organic and have not been genetically modified. Besides, every meal is prepared using locally-grown foodstuffs.

The Food4Patriots company also goes a step further to ensure customer satisfaction. If one has concerns or queries, they have a stellar customer care to offer assistance for the issue in question. As such, it has made a great reputation with many people praising their tasteful, nutritious foods kits offered by them.

Food4Patriots also stands out from other companies making survival meals because of its unobtrusive packages that are easy to store. This allows users to carry them without being too obvious. Also, because of being compact, the kits don’t occupy a lot of space which means you can pack enough in a small backpack. Finally, Food4Patriots offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals that meet all the nutritional requirement to a person body.

If you order Food4Patriots kit, you’ll have the option of purchasing several different kits. The amount of food you need depends on how long you want to prepare for any food shortage and how many people you need to cater for. Here are common survival kits offered by Food4Patriots Company;

  • One week food kit
  • Four-week food kit
  • Three months food kit
  • One year kit
  • Deluxe coffee kit; this has 600 servings
  • Fruit, snack, and veggie mix
  • Meat and protein kit

All these Food4Patriots kits come in sturdy, easy-to-store, and waterproof boxes. Most people store them in their cabinets in storerooms until they need them.

What’s included in the Food4Patriots Packaging?

The most popular Food4Patriots packaging is the three months food kit which includes 450 servings of survival meal, a survival tool, and a seed vault. You’ll also get the following bonus items regardless of the packaging that you purchase;

  • Bonus 1: 10 Items Sold Out During Crisis - This guide will help you decide the products to hoard, how you can procure them, how to optimize their nutritional value. This guide will ensure you don’t run out of these things when a disaster.
  • Bonus 2: Water Survival Guide - This is another essential guide you’ll get upon purchasing Food4Patriots, and it will help you find clean water and how you can store them. Water is an essential need that you cannot afford to live without.
  • Bonus 3: How To Reduce Your Grocery Bills - This will provide you with knowledge and tools to work get great bargains in buying grocery stuff. This guide will give you amazing tips on how to save on grocery bills.
  • Bonus 4: Survival Garden Guide - This guide offers the basics of growing vegetables and other foods in indoor and outdoor gardens. It also teaches you on how you can store your produce for longer times in their fresh state.

Why Should You Choose Food4Patriots?

Emergency survival food kits are popping up nowadays, and there's no denying that you can get confused as to which one offer healthy and nutritional food; here is why you should choose Food4Patriots food kit;

  • The food tastes great - one of the strongholds of Food4Patriots is that they offer food you’d actually enjoy eating. The food doesn’t taste overly processed.
  • Many happy customers - unlike most companies that have no reputation, the Food4Patriots has been around for a couple of years, and customers are happy to purchase food kits from them without hesitation thanks to their nutritious and tasteful foods.
  • Versatile foods - while food kits made by Food4Patriots are meant for emergency food sources, you can use it for other events such as camping or when going for long hikes.
  • Excellent customer support - they have stellar customer service that offers top level service.

The Benefits of Food4Patriots food kits

  • Foods are packaged in airtight pouches that can be resealed.
  • They have longer shelf life.
  • Preserves flavors and nutrients.
  • The kits are affordable and are available in different budgets and options.
  • All recipes are easy and quick to prepare.

The Cons of Food4Patriots

  • This kit can only be ordered online.

Final Verdict; Is It Worth Buying Food4Patriots?

It’s important to provide food security and independence for your family during a disaster. That’s why you need to be prepared by purchasing Food4Patriots. They last for a long time without getting spoilt or losing nutrients.

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